Hello, From and old Leader and Friend

Hello, I know most people will not see this, but I am NinjaDude800 one of RR’s legend, who stuck with us thru hard times, I would just like to say that I love this army and never want to see it dead, some day I want who ever views this post too ask me about reopening this army, just find me on xat. Or e-mail me @ ninjadude800@gmail.com I myself will try to bring back this army and see how well we can do


No Stoppin the Rockin


Old Leader, and Very Proud

Hello everybody. You may or may not remember me from RRCP’s first generation. That was back when me, Trevor, and Bluey talked everyday. If you want to read more about that, you can go to the “Memory Lane” page. I wanted to say I’m really proud of this old army, and glad it’s having a new generation. I haven’t kept contact with Bluey in over a year, and I’m ashamed. I won’t be joining the army again, but it will be great to get back on chat, and talk to you all. I hope you guys are all doing well!


Protected: Xmas Story for Subz

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Recreation Era

Hey Guys! Long time no see. This site is being turned into our grave and being put to former gfx and our legends page will be updated for more troops and loyal owners. But, we are being recreated by Dancer5118. Love yall.


Over and Out